BS Geophysical and Consultancy Limited offers wide range of geophysical services specifically tailored to clients need and various situations.

remote sensing

We provide high quality analysis and interpretation of satellite imagery for wide range of Earth science applications

Borehole drilling

We provide drilling up to the depths of 1000m, with high technical experience and industry standard drilling rig

Interpretation & modeling

We provide standard interpretation and modeling of geophysical data for various range of subsurface investigation such as mining, geothermal, ground water, archaeological and petroleum applications.


We provide start-up geophysical experience training for standard geophysical software to meet the demands of oil and gas industries, as well as the mining and borehole drilling companies. Our clients are also expose to field works for best experience.


Our geophysical equipment rental inventory includes magnetometer, global positioning systems, ground resistivity meters, geophysical equipment software etc

Field support

We assist in recommending standard field work procedure for fast and strategic geophysical surveys and also provide quality acquisition of high resolution 3D data

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